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Our Popular Catering Menus

Let us take
care of your catering needs!


Tomato Cucumber  Salad 


Red Snapper Fillet in Brown Stew Sauce


Basmati Rice Pilaf


Braised Spinach


Pineapple Lemonade

Down South


Potato Salad 


Southern Bake Chicken w/Gravy


Sautéed Tilapia w/ Lemon Butter Sauce


Collards Greens


Mac & Cheese 


Raspberry Lemonade

Jamaica Jamaica


Tropical Garden Salad w/ Mango Ranch 



Stew Chicken or Jerk Chicken


Escoveitched Fish


Rice & Beans


Fried Plantain


Curry Cabbage w/Julienne Vegetables 


Coco Bread


Tropical Raspberry Mango Punch or

Tropical Fruit Punch


Over the Edge 


Garden Salad w/Raspberry Vinaigrette


Herb-Roasted Chicken Breast topped with 

Wild Mushroom Sauce


Grilled Tilapia Fillet finished with Lobster 



Braised Green Beans


Cranberry Rice Pilaf


Peach Lemonade





Chef Salad


Roast Beef w/Marsala Sauce


Garlic Herb Roasted Chicken


Glazed Carrot w/ Asparagus Spears


Seasoned Rice



Unforgettable Flavors


Curry Vegetable Pasta Salad


Jerk Salmon w/ Chardonnay Bur Blanc Sauce


Spice Basil Chicken


Saffron Garlic Mashed Potatoes or Rice pilaf


Braised Cabbage w/ Spinach & Julienne Vegetables


Peach Lemonade

Healthy Heart


Spinach Salad w/Italian Vinaigrette Dressing


Herb Grilled Chicken Breast with Rosemary 

Thyme Sauce


Steamed Tilapia with Julienne Vegetables


Grilled Asparagus w/Balsamic Sauce


Organic Brown Rice flavored with Vegetable 



Sweet Tea

Touch of Class


Spinach & Strawberry Salad

w/Raspberry Dressing


Stuffed Chicken Breast with Spinach & 

Cream Cheese


Flounder Filet Topped with Lobster Sauce


Braised Green Beans


Cranberry Rice Pilaf


Country Lemonade

Executive Lunch
(For those special clients, board meetings, or just to impress)


Mixed Green Salad w/ Ranch & Italian Dressing


Maryland Lump Crab Cake w/ Lobster Sauce


Saffron Mashed Potatoes


Braised Cabbage w/ Spinach & Julienne Vegetables


Lemon Meringue Cake


Peach Lemonade



Popular Items by the Tray
(Serves 25 People)


  • Jerk, Curry, or Baked Chicken

              (dark meat) $175

              (white meat) add $50


  • Rice & Beans $75


  • White Rice $55


  • Brown Rice $75


  • Cranberry Rice Pilaf $99


  • Braised Curry Cabbage $65

  • Braised Curry Spinach $65


  • Caribbean Platter (serves 14) $105

       (Jerk Wings, Coco Bread, Chicken, & 

        Beef Cocktail Patties)


  • Salads by the Tray $85

       (serves 25)

            -Fruit Salad

            -Mixed Green Salad

            -Potato Salad

            -Tomato Cucumber Salad

            -Tropical Garden Salad w/Mango Ranch

Half Trays available upon request.


*All prices are subject to change. 

Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. Please inform an Unforgettable Flavors’ staff of any food allergies 

prior to purchasing your food.

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