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Our chef inspired Hors D’oeuvres are guaranteed to send your taste buds

On an unforgettable adventure!

Standard Appetizers

Price per guest: *Under 25 guests, $19.50 *25 to 50 guests, $18.50 *51 to 99 guests, $17.50 *100 to 149 guests, $16.50 *Over 150 guests, $15.50


Choose seven of the following Standard Appetizers:

Olive Crostini                               Seven Layer Dip                                     Assorted Cheese Tray

Hummus                                       Sweet & Sour Meatballs                       Jamaica Cocktail Patties

Brie and Berry Puff                     Pecan Baked Brie                                  Veggie Tray

Hot Artichoke Dip with                Spinach Dip in                                       Filo Cup stuffed with

     Garlic Toast                                  Homemade bread                                    Jerk Chicken Mousse

Chicken Satay                              Strawberry Cheese Ball                         Meat and Cheese Wraps

Cheese Balls                                 Wonton Sausage Tarts                         Crunchy Cakes

Individual Quiche                         Fresh Fruit Tray                                     Braunschweiger Pate

Assorted Miniature Cakes           Spinach and Chevre Tarts                    Sun Dried Tomatoes and Brie

Smoked Seafood Mousse           Hot Seafood Dip served                        

                                                           w/homemade Garlic Toasts             

Premium Appetizers

  For any one of the Premium Appetizers below to be included in the seven appetizer buffet, the cost would be an          additional $3.50 per person per choice*

  Roast Beef on Croutes (rare)                                       Shrimp Wontons

  Smoked Salmon Quiche                                              Stuffed Mushrooms w/Spinach and

  Seafood Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes                             Cream Cheese    

  Smoked Salmon on toasted baguettes                       Terrine of Avocado and Smoked Salmon Fried Wontons              Seafood Puffs                                                               Gruyere Parmesan Puffs                                              

  Crab Avocado Canapes                                                Fresh Mozzarella Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

  Basil and Provolone Torta                                           Hot Crab Dip served with crackers  

                                                                                               or toasted baguettes                                              

*For example, for a group of 150+ guests, including the Hot Crab Dip and Smoked Salmon as two of the seven choices, the price would increase the appetizer buffet price from $15.50 to $22.50.

Luxury Appetizers

Market Price

  Steamed Prawns                                                                                                     Large Shrimp

  Cocktail Shrimp                                                                                                      Caviar Mold

  Miniature Lump Crab Cakes                                                                                  Jerk Salmon w/Lobster Sauce


Prices do not include plates, napkins, and plastic ware

Unforgettable Flavors

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